Tag: red

the quickening

it matters not these stinging raindrops winter’s outrun; the pursuer alights – an insurgent swift as leaping flames roots rally in the rot of litterfall waning embers of smouldering golden reds the ice has given way and fires subside around March, when winds blow by… Continue Reading “the quickening”

White Buddha

There are always trees but a white Buddha riding is not so usual a slow ride too after much fasting pale and thin from long hours in Banyan shade red bull and gold fragmented light – spirit travellers on the one way trip to… Continue Reading “White Buddha”

Falling asleep

it’s never easy to sleep in strange beds though there’ve been plenty of motels and strangers my therapist suggests a fear of falling but how can that be with a repetitive history of grazed knees and twisted ankles –  not to mention some heart stopping moments in love besides… Continue Reading “Falling asleep”