“The mountains are so dominant
that some days the people refuse
to look at them as children
turn away from the fathers who beat them”
Jim Harrison – Songs of Unreason

I am beaten in my heart
the pulse racing in another direction
to climb is to clamber, slip-sliding fall
ascension of vertigo, the swoon that swivels
upside-down and sea-sick in the sky
we people of the valleys cannot turn our eyes away
ever rising from the horizon, clad in clouds
moody as a chameleon – livid, vivid purple peaks
casts from blue to yellow and paler still
wafery opaque in wishful moments of its vanishing
but the bluff is called, the mountain never moves
resolute as rock, tormenter of flesh
the sacrifices it has blessed through time
are never enough

Joining Jilly for her pick of Jim Harrison prompts on Day 12 of 28 Days of Unreason
Also heading for the Imaginary Garden and a colourful Tuesday Platform