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Blue sky thinking

January 2018:  The Photographer’s Gallery – a place I like to visit often – off Oxford Street, down a down-and-out-street called Ramillies. Why? As with much of our nomenclatures it is named after the obscure but victorious eponymous battle in the War of the Spanish… Continue Reading “Blue sky thinking”

Islands of the blest

“Night comes, an angel stands Measuring out the time of stars, Still are the winds, and still the hours… countdown, just as the beetle’s watch ticks across these draughty rafters the roof lifted skyward, with another notch scored into honeycombed hereafters dreams envision, marble… Continue Reading “Islands of the blest”

In my sky at twilight

en mi cielo al crepúsculo eres como una nube* In my sky at twilight you are like a cloud the bloody blot on the landscape of how at the going down of yet another sun I am bound to remember nebulous drifts of our begetting adrenalin of missed… Continue Reading “In my sky at twilight”