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there’s a wishing well

Wishing is a well where want and will bubble to the surface bobbing just beyond reach but with disappointment dimmed and reasons silenced up gushes a garden where yes! – the roses grow amongst exhibitionist blooms of the fully saturated hue crucified to courtyard walls, trees proffer fruit on sunbaked limbs pastel borders, prettily composed, pale to significance before the herbiary… Continue Reading “there’s a wishing well”

The source

In rhythmic turn the water wheel dips and drips brushed by the rush of liquids poured overhead or in downhill momentum of river and stream Such constancy of source and motion do all creators crave and finding little inspiration in a jug of Adam’s ale whet appetites on stronger ferments dilute with distillations of… Continue Reading “The source”

running water

these byways slither between cities longitudinal and spurring on to borderland and port towns – sluggish perhaps and disjointed in part though once they raced like quick-silver where joggers mill along their shores base clay channels in replica of rivers bastardising originals in the rush to make water outrun coach roads – and after grinding grubwork of navvy gang came… Continue Reading “running water”