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Quite simply my intention was to write effusively today, perhaps spurred to superfluity in flashbacks of pre-natal elation; there’s nausea in nascency and I’m loath to froth over in over-expressive Glory Be’s and Odes but the wildest of wildflowers drives to excess, to lanes chock full to the… Continue Reading “Anthriscus”

Wild side

Primitively reckless, wild and loud the child is discouraged storms drench her house in thunder trees take on the terrible tantrum of tempest each crack and crone-like creak a shivering torment in occult light she knows they lead the lost astray on grass-topped summits, the… Continue Reading “Wild side”

Wild and white

today I’ll write about white after all it is April and the wild cherries are making preparations there’ll be a spread of summer jam bleached damask tablecloths edged with picot lifting like coy petticoats in a flurry and when drapes are drawn to a… Continue Reading “Wild and white”