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Yellow azaleas

Such bold chromaticity summons a word search citrine, canary or golden aurulent yellow is too weak-kneed to grasp the vivid enfeebled by cowardice and a furtive recreant feasting my eyes I hunger also for a lexicon that conceives an aromatic fragrance scenting the mot juste between stench and odour with a jaundiced pungency of remembrance In China azalea is the ‘thinking of home’ flower… Continue Reading “Yellow azaleas”

the autumn hawkbit

because I was photographing trees you gave me a wild flower because we shared that graveyard moment you brought me this yellow as the ripened summer weedy as dandelions folklore food for hawk eyes because of how the flower sucked up the sun it showed  the grim detachment of your proffered hand kindling conversation by a… Continue Reading “the autumn hawkbit”