full of storm

Es la mañana llena de tempestad en el corazón del verano
The morning is full of storm in the heart of summer,
~Pablo Neruda

the heat bears
us upwards, as if on thermals 

we circle the sunspots
seeking out the dark greens that lurk
around arable edges and spread out 

a fine old linen cloth serves as seat
and table set with glass and paper
plates that slip down distracted laps 

with talk of love's minor mishaps
and sweet memories chosen to relish
the tangy taste of strawberry 

fields of wheat yield their ears
to skylarks riding on high bobbed notes
against a contrapuntal insect drone 

of voices soporific in a postprandial
fade out to embrace and pensive pauses
ruminating on volatile scents of grass 

crushed beneath us - then arousal to sudden
thunder crash over the nearby town
hails an impromptu tempering of mood 

indigo clouds block the heat and  heavy
drops hasten on a frenzied round-up
of picnic litter and leftovers of love 

in the afternoon, the summer is full
of storm and a boundary tree holds
a canopy aloft until its passing

© Laura Granby 2015

Keeping it simple for this Sunday’s look in the Poetry Pantry

36 thoughts on “full of storm

    1. thank you Tish – summoning memories of summer on a bleak gusty day here

      1. A brave effort on your part, Laura. It’s just dank and dreary in Shropshire, completely foiling my last ditch attempt to put in some bulbs.

        1. do your planting indoors in pots and pop them out when the gusts have gone!

    1. ah yes, some good old summer loving goes a long way – same to you Gillena

    1. was inspired to follow his seeming simplicity and discovered how easy it is to overload – thank you!

  1. I love the description of ‘indigo clouds’ also seen in our place in April during norwester, a pre- monsoon activity…some beautiful images here….

    1. weather links us across continents Sumana – appreciate your appreciation 🙂

  2. There is a comfort in this – the shared of experience of sheltering from a storm maybe…i love the accompanying photo also…a little like a cross…and also a peek into the world beyond the gate which you let us see but is happily self contained…

    1. a shared deluge and some happy memories -that simple image is a favourite of mine Jae Rose and was pleased to fit alongside Neruda’s summer storm lead in

  3. plates that slip down distracted laps
    with talk of love’s minor mishaps

    Ah yes… love is full of minor troubles that lead to mishaps.. we learn so much from it.
    Beautifully rendered.

    Lots of love,

    1. “the course of true love never did run smooth” though it does not have to be a rollercoaster either 😉

  4. Oh those summer storms bring so many things – from the beauty of the skylarks’ songs to the sudden end of a picnic. I enjoyed how this poem focuses on the many details.

  5. Oh a splendid summer day in heat and possible storm…paper plates sliding down laps…but, ‘fields of wheat yield their ears’ just filled me with glee as I felt right in and amongst the field. Your gift of description of a scene is luscious Laura!

    1. thank you Donna for that lovely word in particular – luscious- goes with with picnic

    1. reassuring words Sherry – I fear to stray into purple prose!

  6. What I like the most about your poetry is your structure, and attention to how lines form and break apart. They are always a pleasure to read because of this. This poem is no exception.

    1. the breaks seem to develop naturally though worked on letting the third line slip into first of next stanza so thank you for these encouraging words

  7. Lovely images….wheat lending its ears….how that made me smile! In spite of storms, a perfect summer picnic complete with “leftovers of love”. Great work on this and in it. Thanks for a glimpse of summer.

  8. I wonder how many have shared that experience and with rain trickling down our cheeks we laugh because we are together. Beautiful poem,

  9. I love the sheltering and storming here in mind, body, heart, and environment. The mood sparks with fire and water. Some leaves of grass are crushed, and possibly other things as well, but I think the couple leave together.

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