survival of the tamest

“There is a human wildness held beneath the skin.”
– Arts, Jim Harrison

is that what war was for?
de-stabling the beast
berserk in the killing fields
weapons spent like water 
before such thirst is quenched 
peace meal treaties
entreating rules of disengagement
eunuch laws that unify
the indebted safe-in-their-beds

is that how it was
with the wild hirsute hunter?
the nitty-gritty Neanderthal
bloodied, disruptive
fire in the belly of the cave
snuffed by congenital gatherers
supplanted by planters
the animals corralled and cowed
before the cull   

is it only along the course of love
we're confirmed to run wild?
for a mad-cap while 
passion's permissive permit
the pulse of lust
lub-lubbing beneath the skin
until the consensual conjugation
and the birth of tame?

For Linda’s Poetics prompt “Songs of Unreason” she gives us a choice of Harrison quotes as epigraph to set our poetry ball rolling .
I had not remembered writing to this quote before (or looked at it again till now) but back in 2018 Jilly gave us this same prompt but extended….