No one asked if I'd like to
nobody expressed concern
I wonder were there worrying signs in speech
was it a remedial ruse of diction through poetry
the subtlest of instruction to find my voice
and lips with tongue and teeth to know their place
straightening a small serpentine lisp with seamstress Susie
the odd jocular spoonerism realigned

If there ever was such an impediment
no one asked why or wondered what it meant
nobody mentioned anything - but  it matters not a damn
that first lesson in the quietest of convent corners
privileged incumbent of the barely visited visitor's room
the poetry book agape and Sister Agnes speaking in tongues
her eloquence a broadcast of the poet's melodic messaging
words hoisted from pages like flags, semaphore of pause and stress
it was a thrill higher still than even magic painting
when the big wet-headed brush swept the picture page
and all the hidden colours came to life

my introduction, aged around seven,  to poetry and recitation in the form of elocution lessons and later, Speech and Drama exams. And after a blog moving break I am happy to be re-uniting with others in Poetry Pantry