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“To scale all love down To a cupped hand’s size” Edith Tiempo ~ Bonsai Even now there is a mote of ragebehind these cool blue eyes – some rougeperhaps has rubbed in over yearsredness lessened to a small hot spotthe way volcanoes lie lowsmouldering,… Continue Reading “Bonsai”

My Blue

My blue is not that of a mariner’s hankeringfor seascapes, nor the hue of rivers I follow faithfully– rather these favour steel and tealbefore the plunge into a foaming bice brine My blue is not that mood indigo lodging wax-like in the ear when… Continue Reading “My Blue”


Illustration – Jackie Morris from the “The Lost Words” (2017) In the churchyard, roving rooks returnsummoned by a tail-spin end to this wintry seasonnoisily they stir age-old roosts, filchfrom neighbours and two-by-two stand watchover their untidy stacks In the rook-roofed sycamore, a lattice work… Continue Reading “Communion”