Postcard poetry: Soho square

soho square haibun

A June afternoon and Soho square is packed with people, lounging, lunching, scattering themselves like litter over the grass. Pigeons rest up – too hot for canoodling. Unwelcome squatters with little regard for the history of the half-timbered gardener’s hut, treating it as a luxurious dovecote , a crow’s nest even as look out for a snatched meal. Through the open doors of St Patrick’s, shade seekers, ecclesiastic enthusiasts and church goers are lured. The latter know it is the feast of the Sacred Heart. Spoken in 3 languages, a mass for the mix of congregation to comprehend whilst a lapsed Catholic has no understanding of how she came to be here this day.

prayers in strange tongues
city doves hum the refrain
June lifts all our hearts

A haibun written as a Quotidian – an ordinary happening – for dVerse Poet’s Pub


  1. I enjoyed the snapshot of the place – the birds, the people and the church ~ That must have been difficult to follow with all 3 languages, smiles ~ This line made me smile:

    Pigeons rest up – too hot for canoodling


  2. Oh how I enjoyed this. Like true snapshots of people, the place, the birds…the rest from the world and it’s hectic pace. And with all going on, there is hope and peace here.


      1. I read the other day that a haiku was the blending of the finite with the infinite, the here and the now. I found that a lovely explanation. Just keep nature in it and you will do fine. The lines can be 5-7-5 or short-long-short (ncounted) whichever is easiest for you.


  3. Wonderful indeed — I loved following you here. Snapshots, cameos of life on the corner. I especially love how the haiku adds to the mix…..very well done!


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