Say the word

photoart and poem -
photoart and poem – ©2017 Laura Granby

” Where shall the word be found, where will the word
Resound? Not here, there is not enough silence” *

How we treasure the word that follows
one upon another – streaming sentences
and  blowing conversational bubbles
until the babble boils over
the tower of tongues topples in confusion
humans can neither fly nor build their way to heaven

Even those who speak in tongues
predict that God and glossolalia are worlds apart

The ear was created ready bent for sound
waves that ebb and flow in a concave shell
the channel though is heaped with pandemonium
just as eyes toss and turn to a flickering  fantasy
and all for fear that the word will resound
in the dead air of transmission

*Opening lines are from Eliot’s byzantine liturgy ‘Ash Wednesday.
Joining in with the Midweek Motif ‘Fear‘ and linking up with the Tuesday Platform


  1. Ash Wednesday is my favourite Eliot! How lovely to meet that quote here. And your own words followed with a sort of inevitable logic, in striking language/images which indeed incite fear.


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