Second chance

“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love” 
Albert Einstein

you waved and took just one past particle along
a melodramatic mass pulsed out with such magnetic force
there was bound to be a boomeranging back
yet withdrawal found the polarizing switch
we gravitated far out as after a starburst
towards infinite repulsion

how fanciful our acts of puerile pantomime
irrational nanoseconds on the subatomic scale
prodigalising particles with a waste of the wave
neuro-electric circuits are fine-tuned adaptations
a quantum world of mechanisms over millenniums
light years from love’s lone self schemes

curious how the cosmos keeps declining as it widens
a piquant of the preposterous paradox  in parallel
there are plenitudes under the pull of the sun
forces to be fathomed with level-headed minds
but outlaws of attraction reside in subtlety
we can still defy the fall and climb the tree

Joining Björn for some Physics poetry though did not quite manage to encompass his theme of Particle-wave dualism and the photoelectric effect