Two way mirror

“That is how I explained myself to the strange impression I had of being odd man out, a kind of intruder.”
Albert Camus – The Stranger

Whether the outsider is viewed looking on
or appears as insider peering out
depends on whose eyes scrutinize
who populates the proposition
what lies are spread on either side 

Those of us joined by birth or circumstance
into the associates of intrusion we know
 know how to splice the sacrifice open
distinguish intestinal runes
fathom where to bore down for the core
extricate layers of infernal dust
ashen and ink blotted our lexicon
prefab poems with word association 

You there with such high toned observations
dancing atoms on the outer circle
ruminators of consciousness
feel rather the rumbling rhythm of drum
cushioned heartbeat of harmonies
dare to hold out hands for holding
record repetitive refrains
join the dots 

Forgive all arrogance of loners
pardon smug content of socializers
the mirror speaks false from side to side
illusion the perpetual divide

Merging two opposing theme prompts here – from Karin’s Outsider to Paul’s Community