roll me out a long B note
flat busted - tenderized
slip into those soulful sounds
the sweetest E of easy street
twelve true and blue chords
bustling at the bar

squeeze some of that jump juice
half crazy overtones
off the scale and bouncing
have me rollin' in the aisle
hot smoky night folk
sticky limbed cohesion
jamming to the rhythm
sweat dripped steps

discordant like the duchess
at a downtown dive
big bass Daddy
pulls on some rubber bands
time wise and like wise
paradiddle drums
slide me in some cool trombone
just before the sax man's leap
saps the souls of women
in his heavy breathy tones

Keeping it loose and light for some Jazz Poetry with Amaya

33 thoughts on “Jazzamatazz

    1. thank you! I tried to make it more erratic but instead of John Mayall, somehow John Masefield’s “Cargoes” kept time 😉

    1. and you know how to make a person feel good – thank you Jilly!

  1. I can hear this one, Laura, and it has me coming back for more, like all good jazz does. I need to look up ‘Cargoes.’ Love these musical lines, “the sweetest E of easy street”, “sweat dripped steps”, and (the very funny) “discordant like the duchess
    at a downtown dive”.
    Great work!

    1. oh thank you – your prompt freed me a little from the doldrums. Not sure how the duchess got there – maybe it was with the ” cargo of diamonds,
      Emeralds, amethysts,
      Topazes, and cinnamon, and gold moidores.”

    1. appreciate your comment Bjorn as I felt the rhythm section was somewhat chaotic- made up for it with accidentals of assonance –

    1. Not angel dust as I first thought -oops. Watch my smoke too 😉 thanks Tish – [Stay warm this weekend]

      1. There was another of his fab sayings, probably Tish-garbled – they don’t know if I’m coming by land or sea…It also applies here 🙂

    1. pictorial without the lyrical – not really my style so had to jazz it up – thank you

  2. This is jumping! I’ve been in this club before. Your lines work the place like the Duchess herself — free drinks and she’s riding home with the Duke. Hip – hep – hurrah!

    1. the Duchess went home with the Duke – I like that Charley -even jazz has happy endings

  3. kaykuala

    slide me in some cool trombone
    just before the sax man’s leap
    saps the souls of women
    in his heavy breathy tones

    The ending appropriately sums up how jazzy it should be, Laura! Clever take here!


    1. thanks Hank – leaving the best til last with that heavy breathy sound

    1. ‘Visceral rhythm’ – love that Angela and many thanks for taking time to read this

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