second flush

It only takes a second of metaphorical time
to tie pieces of poetry on a line
baited for the challenge as fish to fly
- no match for a prize writer though
nor ever runner-up to best of show
just jottings down to free the flow
keeping pace for yet another go
this word association in a heated rush
succeeds by way of a second flush

A hurried planting in the Imaginary Garden’s prompt: April Second

32 thoughts on “second flush

    1. Indeed I am
      or maybe third
      I struggle to find
      the rhyming word

    1. thank you – especially as I rarely use rhyme- but they appeared and so I had to continue

    1. thanks Donna -was trying to complete this in a matter of seconds as opposed to days!

  1. Your opening line is absolutely mesmerizing!💜 sometimes it’s more satisfying to write good/fun poetry rather than winning a prize. There is always next time 😉

    1. It takes time to be a prize winning poet – not to mention talent! This was a fun exercise – thanks for your appreciation

  2. “…for fish to fly.” Indeed. That’s how I feel about poetry these days. I wrote poetry as a teenager; then I went to J-school and lost the desire and the talent. I much prefer reading your poetry. I would have to write 100 drafts, and, still, I wouldn’t be happy with my own verse. Very nice words and image. 🙂

    1. That is sad Beth – sounds like J school killed the seed. I appreciate the times you stop by to read my attempts but were it not for the likes of you and the wider poetry community I would not dare to show a single line. I hope you find your Muse – sometimes it takes a tempting prompt for us fish to take the bait.

    1. So true – enjoying the journey as it were – thank you!

  3. We’re allowed to relax and just have fun sometimes. 🙂

    1. I need to be reminded of that Rosemary – take things too seriously sometimes 🙃

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