keeping a distance

why burrow? what should I want to know
of long ago rooms in ruins; all those faraway feelings
that ran their course and fossilized

memories will naturally annex themselves
after all, what is recalled is squarely placed
between tall walls or hidebound

in backlots, recollections stacked as quick change
scenery, historic and painted for the age
when explanation was just enough to silence protest

yet the time thief still slips past, substituting babies
for foundlings, full grown, holding swaddled imagos
- I count the cost of what is gone and not forgotten

Just twelve lines of micro poetry for Kerry’s : Long ago rooms

24 thoughts on “keeping a distance

  1. From the very first question, I knew this would be the poem that I wanted to write but fell dismally short of the mark. Yours is remarkable and memorable in every way.

    1. Yours was the prompt and the poem that led the way but thank you for such a generous comment Kerry

    1. indeed – we must grasp the moment – then let it slip but sometimes it tears the heart

    1. many thanks Sherry – hard to put into words that hold the past still has

  2. “Why burrow”, why indeed. We can’t let go of the need not to let go 🙂 Wonderful poem, enjoyed it very much,, 🙂

    1. The photoart is mirrored & made a while back and just seemed to fit the long ago rooms!

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