Action! we learned of verbs as always doing
and movement first assumes mammalian warmth
corpuscular vitality at least – pointedly tail-ended
by directions; the smooth space-curve up and onwards
or merely migration along the horizontal plane
from there to 

here with no incline
inferred by just a tug on chordae tendineae
strings that make mid-shoulder blades tingle
as buds of residual wings stir with love
angel or cupidon, the difference barely a thread
for hearts win heads,  even reluctant eyes swim
against a tidal sway of affect; this too we call moving
and as if to prove it so the verb tracks occurrence
of all our tears in spate

Today marksa blog move and the inception of PoetryPix  with this ‘Moving’ poem. Back in the Blogosphere am toasting Kim as she hosts another:  Open Link Night.