We are more closely connected to the invisible than to the visible

I think my thoughts
see sparkles in black velvet
sequins and distant stars
their light only now just reaching out

long after inception
though here is no real imagining
picturesque but still, informed presentiments
celestial skies and axons making synaptic leaps
the way lightning bolts

before near-sighting microscopes
and cadaverous sections of stained curlicues
I might have felt the magic made flesh
mantra and shabda in sacred union
now I am tied to the train tracks of knowledge
and thoughts, urbane, profound, subliminal
or so devilish they are banished
into slipstreams of consciousness like eels
have become visible to the naked eye
the analyst's couch, the cognitive doctoring
of mind over matter

God make me liquid again
so that I may flounder in a sea of faith*

Joining Jilly as she challenges us to write about Unseen Things