the selfie smile

The whole selfie culture has gone beyond novel to the level of egocentricity, that surely caused the decline of Narcissus.

Sometimes satire is mightier than the rant and putting together this diptych added humour to my more liverish humour –  the ultimate selfie command and the grin of a grotesque. Hope it raises a genuine smile in others!

A Twosome for Tuesday: juxtaposed or superimposed images in a duologue of consensual interaction

5 thoughts on “the selfie smile

  1. the reflection of the word “sin” on the left hand is so subtle, it poses a very interesting and reflective question – and the gargoyle/ogre has me smiling so wide and broad, it’s hurting my cheeks …

    it’s truly a fascinating pairing, and I really love the tension on the face, the placement of hands, pulling at the mouth, the expression in the eyes ….
    this is fanciful but hypnotic ~


      1. fascinating what we see and don’t, then suddenly, like magic, it all comes together 🙂

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