what is art but nature concentrated?

Currently there is an exhibition of contemporary and modern sculptures dotted around Regent’s park. Perhaps this set the tone of my seeing nature imitating art in this photo, with a parachute seed forged into a wiry, winged insect. What do you see?

Joining Debbie for her Six Word Saturday – title is mandatory (in this case a Balzac quote), verbiage is optional

14 thoughts on “what is art but nature concentrated?

  1. Contrasting tones and lines make this shot look very much like modern sculpture; terrific observation!
    I see a tangled knot of blonde hair; a skeletal fairy, rrice nodles, that little wisp of hair that my dog pulls over her eye…

  2. As a fellow photographer, I see the photographic side of art as an incredibly tiny slice of time and space as seen by the photographer here. The art part of the image is actually in the hands or eye and mind consciousness of the beholder. Possibly, a small wisp of animal hair caught in the bush or as “Jillys” says a wisp of angel hair left behind as proof they exist.. Either way, the question posed much food for thought. Blessings

feedback is food for thought....

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