Must we change?

“Wherever one encounters members of the human race, they always show the traits of a being that is condemned to surrealistic effort. Whoever goes in search of humans will find acrobats.”
Peter Sloterdijk, Du mußt dein Leben ändern/You must change your life

5 thoughts on “Must we change?

  1. Unfortunately, in this physical reality that we inhabit, change is inevitable as time progresses. “TIME” is the factor as well as our ultimate decisions within it. However, in that realm where time does not exist, ………….

    1. it is such a broad question and has a lingering Faustian regret in there too – ah yes Time – cosmically speaking we are just bubbles – Peter Sloterdijk sees us that way too or rather he looks at the intimate spaces we inhabit as such –
      Aside from all that I was as captivated as a child by the bubbles

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