Fired up or shot to pot?

Looks like a touch of fire in the sky but those smoky clouds are due to part for a clear, cold and nigh on frosty night – in November, in London – of all places. 

Thought for the Day: I’ve been trying to get back into photo mode and this image was the best of the few I took as the light faded. My camera and I have lost our mojo – but I’ll be away from London soon for a brief break and hope a change of scene will do the trick. What do you do when the lens is less than lenient with your photography? 

10 thoughts on “Fired up or shot to pot?

  1. I write, and create and change the scene as well….have a good time away.

    1. Thanks Donna – I think I need to be away from London and in a more rural landscape for fresh inspiration – at least that is the theory.
      P.S. I see wintry weather has already made an impression in your zone-

  2. The one thing I have discovered about photography, since I have been at it since the age of twelve, it gets into your blood, into your bones and into your heart and that is not a bad thing, Press on.

          1. Lovely area, we visited Clouds Hill Near Wareham a few years ago – home of T E Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia).

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