Lest either of us forget

For Martin
You'd kept so many of my cards and the odd letter
of our love's existential ramblings
thank you for not casting everything into the past
as are my tendencies (and how you teased me for it)
such papery titbits help recall specifics - an infill
for these widowy spider days I recreate
each sunrise, from singularity 

Needless to say I never forget to remember you
though I'm only able to take small bites of recall
or choke on the whole, unpalatable truth
see there - how the candle burns at twilight
the nights shall not overwhelm in their unholy alliance
with darkness and despair 

It was written that I was your rock, your wife,
not in stone but off-white parchment
a foundation of quiet fortitude you'd say
what use have you of such things now?
And if you forget me, what will we become?
That faith we forged from such convergent beliefs
we need as never before - so meet me always on the astral plane
and I'll divine you in some heavenly hereafter

In the Imaginary Garden, Sanaa invites us to write a poem from Neruda’s magnificently entitled ‘If You Forget Me’. It sparked the Muse and touched a nerve. And at dVerse this week Frank has an offering of November poems and the opportunity for a link up