Didn’t it rain!

I should have checked the forecast but an escape to Dorset with camera in optimistic refresh mode was not on the cards. Instead there was Storm ‘Diana’ from the South meeting up with a strong Westerly front. The result was this puddle in Christchurch – and some moody trees for another time.

Oh how it rained (and in the west)
My, how it rained (and in the south)
Rained all day (all day)
Rained all night (all night)
Rain, rain (all day)

Mahalia  Jackson (listen)

4 Comments on “Didn’t it rain!

  1. Reflections are almost always better than the real thing because there are nuances that the wave of water or mirror add that makes me want to do that cliche art gallery thing. Standing back, I rub my chin and say, What is this saying? Because you show us an inverted church, I’m inclined to read much into it. Thanks for sharing!
    By the way, with your encouragement, I have switched to the new formatting on WP! Thanks 🙂


    • aha the eye and brain deceive too – seen as its other half, this is a house with garden in Christchurch, Dorset!
      But that is why I love puddles – turns the world upside down and stop us viewing everything via the lexicon 🙂
      – Bravo – Gutenberg has not got us beat!

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