‘Tis the Seasons

Invariably I shoot photos from the same scene in colour as well as black and white – it may be considered as vacillating but I like to see what moods evolve. With digital it hardly matters yet I much prefer to choose the mode on taking the shot rather than converting it afterwards.

Winter on the Thames

Spring in Kew Gardens

Summer in Orford

Thy flowering Spring,
thy Summer’s ardent strength,

Autumn in the New Forest

Thy sober Autumn fading into age,
And pale concluding Winter comes at last
And shuts the scene.

from The Seasons: Winter

On the 21st December we officially begin winter again here and so the cycle that is so predictably reassuring takes another turn – as I’m linking up with Tina and her Seasonal challenge as this week’s Lens Artists.

6 thoughts on “‘Tis the Seasons

  1. A well seasoned post, Laura. I love the clarity in the b & w shots. But then the colour shot of the Thames also conveys frigid temps and chilling wafts off the river.

    1. thanks Tish – black and white is my preference as more straightforward. We put some much of our conceived knowledge into what we view since blues some in all weathers and yet we know whether hot or cold

  2. Beautifully done Laura. I especially liked the closing quote which gives a lovely conclusion to your wonderful seasons series. And thanks for joining us this week!

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