Cacophanous the calls that broke
into silence, scattered thoughts
summoned back to barracks as soldiers
to the bugle, re-assembled
freshly conscious of the place again
denuded Dogwoods on the water margins
a few leaves still hinged, mono winged
yet destined to depart, to make an airborne leap
even the beat of multiple pinions
goose-feathered and heading down river
could not shake this lassitude of leaf

First poem of the New Year reflecting a state of mind and body as I linger on the verge of decisions…and my first offering for the Poetry Pantry of 2019

22 thoughts on “Lassitude

  1. A paradoxical tension in my reading, loud calls for departure unable to waken the lassitude of a remaining leaf. Is it fear or weariness or something else that keeps holding back?

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous in its wording, tone and emotion Laura! 💜 The constant struggle between lethargy and fervor is tangible as one attempts to embrace the day. It’s so good to see you again 🙂

  3. “This lassitude of leaf” speaks to me. After the holiday break, i am finding it hard to get back to work! It is always a pleasure to read you, Laura.

  4. There’s a playfulness in this, with the sounds of the words you’ve chosen. It emphasizes the strong undercurrent of resistance towards more serious things. What would happen were the lassitude to be interrupted?

  5. I really enjoyed your beginning of the year reflections. “…yet destined to depart.” Wondering where this year’s journey will take one!

  6. I like the conflation of leaf/thought/soldier…the idea that it’s easy to wait for outside energy to marshal your own.

  7. The lasitude of leaf…in my minds eye I see the faded leaf caught in the grass, being toyed with by the breeze, not quite lifting, not quite being still. The decision to move or be still

  8. What a great word and poem – lassitude! Thanks for sharing!

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