A calyx of no noise

Between the clang and clang a flower,
A brazen calyx of no noise:

Meeting Point ~ Louis MacNeice

I'm picking though paired bookshelves
titles skimmed, the odd glance further in
surprised to find a few crimped petals there
rose pink still with colour, the crushed calyx
fired off its miniature charges as they dried
- there's no recall for this act of preservation
nor had I had thought such romance
ever crossed my heart 

I'm picturing the person you once were, half husband
half Arthurian knight, a time-worn troubadour making music
such primal passion and I not far behind, chasing harmonies
songs that you crooned in tenor, sweet words spoken
some addressed to flyleaf - one that marks the gift of poetry
a tight, thin book of love lines, and the one of your own making
written that October when we began and time was on our side 

I'm rifling through a keg of keepsakes
in the small treasure chest, gems
precious as memories and tokens for the everyday
bought full of thought, and now I remember
all the perishables that came home with you - tasty titbits
a leaf that spelled loveliness or needed a name
more often of late a pick of sweet pink buttonholes
sampled from a little rambler, somewhat wormholed and forlorn
potted to adorn a Bloomsbury mansion house front door

With another of my poems dedicated to Martin, am joining with others in the Poetry Pantry

17 thoughts on “A calyx of no noise

  1. Such wonderful memories. He sounds so gallant, and thoughtful, always bringing you small treats. I love the book of love lines, written “when we began and time was on our side.” How you must miss him!

  2. Words aren’t enough to describe how beautifully poignant this poem is in its portrayal of love, loss, memories and longing. My prayers are with you, Laura.💐💐

    1. I like your reference to wisdom – am following the Bard’s advice: ““The grief that does not speak whispers the o’er fraught heart and bids it break” – Macbeth

  3. Rifling through those keepsakes is so very hard. Your poem gives us a glimpse of just what it is like. It is the little things sometime that are the most important. I am doing something similar with now – looking through my (long) deceased mother’s treasures. Each one gives me a pause and a memory floats back.

  4. “chasing harmonies”..This is so important for the sweetest relationship that one is blessed to have. Can’t imagine the vacuum of such loss. Thank god for the memories, & the “leaf that spelled loveliness “. Beautiful.

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