Londonscape (1)

The fields have long gone but St Martin-in-the-Fields is a renowned London church and landmark on the corner of Trafalgar Square. My grandfather worshipped here many years ago. Designed by James Gibb it has stood on this site since 1726 even long before the battle of Trafalgar!

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Photo series capturing London before I leave it for pastures new in March – and this photo was taken yesterday with my resurrected Ricoh. Hallelujah indeed!

8 Comments on “Londonscape (1)

  1. I rather like the subdued light. If I recall correctly the Canadian Embassy is behind you.


    • I think the overcast from the cold, drizzly day is nicely somber and relieved by the wet paving in font of tthe National Gallery – yes – Canada House behind the photographer!


  2. That church has a beautiful and very subtle window behind the altar. Which I watched in the changing light at a concert.


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