Footers #1

I’ve frequently thought about doing a photo series of feet. As with all photos, its a matter of timing to get the framing right as pedestrians pass by on pavement or path or in puddles as here. The Ricoh’s high contrast has added a more abstract dimension

Addendum – Following David M’s suggestion below, here is the square formatted version of this image which I do like rather more

On a square footing

8 Comments on “Footers #1

  1. Parts almost look frozen. I hope you don’t mind a suggestion. Try cropping off the wall on the left side and making the image square.


  2. I like this. Looking forward to following your series.

    I have a series on shoes (most of which never made it to the blog).


    • I call it ‘Footers’ but mostly it will be footwear so your shoes would make a complementary series – go on show us!


  3. There is something very satisfying about a squared off picture. We have one hanging over the fireplace, in my line of sight now. When I prepare pictures for blog posts, as I crop, it is often to a square.


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