POM- January 2019

The colours and perspective of the escalator in the National Portrait Gallery caught my attention, which on this first outing with my resurrected Ricoh, came off rather well. The photo symbolises much that is personal too – with with my moving up soon into a space that has yet to be defined.

January’s cold weather had me scurrying inside to such exhibition places with the added benefit of having many marvels to view. I am also making the most of these sights that have been within foot-stepping distance for so long.

Pick of the Month: Marking the the passing of the month with one representative photo rather than saving the best pick of the pics till last.

15 thoughts on “POM- January 2019

      1. I don’t recall what exhibition we went to see but seem to think it was historically important portraits of the previous 100 years.

          1. I’m thinking that it was a portrait photography exhibition with the photos picked by the photo editor of one of the broadsheets. The problem is that a year or so later I was living in London and going to exhibitions myself so I may be confusing exhibitions.

              1. It’s probably changed dramatically these days but in the 1980s some of the larger camera makers had galleries in central London that had regular photo exhibitions. I also remember going to some photo exhibitions at the V&A.

                  1. I don’t know why John Stoddart rings a bell. I went to a Don McCullen exhibition at the V&A in the 1980s but seem to think I’ve been to a second exhibition of his work.

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