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May the Day go well

And first off Tess Taylor’s “May Day” poem… They go, the early flags, the gory maples—so too the daffodils & Lenten roses.Other petals swirl & nights warm. Buds thicken and cast shadows:in a thunderstormI almost forget the ice that was. Narcissi suckle watery paths;meadows…

My Blue

My blue is not that of a mariner’s hankeringfor seascapes, nor the hue of rivers I follow faithfully– rather these favour steel and tealbefore the plunge into a foaming bice brine My blue is not that mood indigo lodging wax-like in the ear when…

An Easter bride keeps her cool

Entitled ‘the bride’ Exochorda × macrantha is flowering in the garden now. I’ve shown the white blossom in a cool blue Lightbox light to add a touch of iridescence to this pearlbush. Entitled for Debbi’s Six Word Saturday