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cloaked in blue

Just after sunset, the blue hour on lake Taupo spreads a stillness over the last of the day’s activities (and there are more blue lakes in my latest New Zealand post HERE) Māori name, Taupō-nui-a-Tia. – literally “The great cloak of Tia”; the explorer Tia… Continue Reading “cloaked in blue”

May the Day go well

And first off Tess Taylor’s “May Day” poem… They go, the early flags, the gory maples—so too the daffodils & Lenten roses.Other petals swirl & nights warm. Buds thicken and cast shadows:in a thunderstormI almost forget the ice that was. Narcissi suckle watery paths;meadows… Continue Reading “May the Day go well”

My Blue

My blue is not that of a mariner’s hankeringfor seascapes, nor the hue of rivers I follow faithfully– rather these favour steel and tealbefore the plunge into a foaming bice brine My blue is not that mood indigo lodging wax-like in the ear when… Continue Reading “My Blue”