Forever emerald

October is forever emerald
it has a poetic ring -but why conjure dull browns
under overcast skies, or rejoice in the primal
passing glories of decay
the Yew stands in for heaven
there's a beryllium stone half-buried
securely verdant in a velvet box
these years make wearing hard to bear
early on it was already almost Autumn
August just a passing fancy
till late September sealed us up in sanctity
and even with that fatal disengagement
an ultimatum unforseen, still October is
enduringly green, as the emerald
on my hand, unseen

Putting this in the Poetry Pantry with the other collections for some Sunday reading

28 thoughts on “Forever emerald

    1. enchanted and fascinated is what the writer wants to hear most – something to do with the beauty of the word – understanding is another dimension

  1. There is a wistful sparkle to this poignant poem, Laura. I love the use of colour and the Yew standing in for heaven.

  2. Such beautiful imagery, and yet there’s a ghost of melancholy around it at, for me at least, especially around the idea of rings only the subject knows about. It made me think of a widow, once happily married in October, missing the days when love and the world were still green.

    1. you are astute Kestril- my engagement ring is an emerald – we married one September – my husband died last October – the world is still green

  3. Oh this is incredibly wistful and filled with memorable imagery, Laura! I too love “the Yew stands in for heaven.”💜

  4. This is so filled with emotion… I love how you find the green even when late in October… the emerald ring with that background seems so melancholic (and I read your answer to Kestril’s comment)

    1. tinges of sadness for sure but not as far gone as melancholia – emerald green is too reviving for that.Green is always there in nature – we just have to look to the evergreens or under the snow in your case!

  5. I think there must be a story behind this poem really, and now as I read the comments I see that there is. What a stunning way to put your thoughts and emotions together; and now I really understand why October is green!

  6. I felt the sadness at the end. How sweetly you express your loss. Beautiful!

  7. We all have our own way to deal with things, some, like you, do it in style.

  8. You wrote this beautifully, Laura. I like the mystery, which does not conceal the sorrow. (Though you have explained the back story, we encounter the poem first.)

    1. many thanks Rosemary – I wanted to keep it half-buried – grief is not so red raw now but mixed with some healing green – and besides the emerald is precious in many ways to me

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