mind the gap

you with such profound presence have surely gone
an imprint of invisibility remains at large
a vacancy so vivid, so self-evident
it has punched the air
did you leave that way, one fisted,
one hand waving free?*

mimicking the gap, my mouth agape
memories a broken mosaic, missing parts
stories told so many times the lines jumble
with ballads that fifties folk once passed around
some scenes though still freshly painted as a warm September
martin and swallow swarms at the brink of the sea
scything late-hatched insects that cloud our heads

We circled with the birds, dizzied by dashing displays
and in those spellbound moments, your soul migrated
returning home was almost aftermath, a brief touch down
before you found your way – I’m making headway now
through the hole, a crawl to the other side of beyond
– of course, I’ll mind the gap

*a nod to Dylan’s ‘Tambourine Man’ was just so apt

A last poem until I make my move and joining others in Poetry Pantry