better days

She has seen better days
loitered at the water’s edge
for an age, unclaimed and still
roped to a post, deftly settling in
when the river recedes to mudflat
then the tide seeps back, fingering the banks
slipping through broke-back curves
between ribs of wet wrecked decking
where shorebirds primly pick their way
and lichen and sunlight bequeath an amber glow
to her lilting tilted body

once a small whale calf of a row boat
lay alongside – a vague shattered outline it is now
in memorium to her homely comely
houseboat heyday

Frank prompts us to make a poem of Descriptive detail

21 thoughts on “better days

  1. You had me at /slipping through broke-back curves/. Derelicts always fascinate me, both as poet & photographer.

  2. She is a beautiful craft, lilting and tilted, and home for much life still. It would be interesting to see the changes in serial photographs, like how Monet used to paint the same scene on multiple canvases through the day to see the changes as light shifts. It would be interesting to see her in time lapse. And those birds, indeed always so prim aren’t they? Love this poem Laura.

  3. Excellent writing Laura — wonderful descriptors. Houseboat heyday, like it!

  4. Stories to be told in the relics of yesterday. (Boats or people … there is a sameness!)

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