2020 Refresh

Some pictures tell a thousand words and this one speaks clearly to me of one word – Refresh! After the glut and the inebriations of 2019, it feels good to wake to a new day, a new year and this time round, a new decade. The joggers are already out in force, gym bunnies are hopping mad with those few extra notches on the scales and many of us are contemplating turning over a new leaf in the journal of our lives.

I am not yet resolved to make any particular changes, since 2019 brought quite a few major ones. But looking into the tea leaves 2020 is going to be a year of travel…New Zealand here I come!

naturally I’m taking camera & iPad with me to keep a travel blog of the North & South Island
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And so today I’m joining Catherine’s’ 365/2020 word challenge with Refresh where she invites us to write, photograph or turn it into art

8 thoughts on “2020 Refresh

  1. Oh, wow! Wishing you wonderful travels. I can’t wait to see what you capture with your camera and words in New Zealand. 🙂

  2. Three different sets of friends visited separately in September 2018 and their experiences were magical. Views of Mount Cook and the mud pools of Rotorua were particular favourites, along with vineyard tours. Have a wonderful time.

  3. I will be following that new blog, as my father came from New Zealand. We sisters each have a wooden ruler with many different NZ woods embedded. Mine is still ‘too pretty to use’ but my older sister used hers at school and it has been worked hard.

    As I chewed over the missing second i in carillon, I added a link to you and Squirrelbasket. The word nerds on my blogroll.

    1. Ah the New Zealand link up will be especially meaningful for you – am pleased to be a word nerd and also feel that it should be Carillion only because it sounds more musical

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