Holiday Hiatus

My poems and pix are being shelved for the next few weeks, as just as our cricket team do, I am going on a tour of New Zealand today. Nothing formal though, more like an exploration of the North and South Island, with a compañero who knows the lie of the land well. My boots will remain behind but walking sandals will be glad of a summer airing!!

I shall try to keep a journal and will update my travel blog as and when I can. Follow me over:-

Along the Long White Cloud

Carbon offsetting is one idea for climate conscious travellers but it’s akin to paying conscience money. We must just do less air travel to have any real impact so this will be the first and almost the last long haul flight I do. (Carbon offsets)

I am a terrible sailor so mostly I holiday in the UK by train -and do not own a car!

By the time Spring has begun to stir, I shall be back. Late February when the Chiffchaff, the first of our migrant passerines, has returned from West Africa and the Med. Hard to imagine those tiny wings being able to make long and arduous journeys, and now some of these birds in our more southerly counties, forgo the trip and stay out the winter, in the optimistic hope that it will be mild enough for them.

The year turns not on the sight of a flower or a butterfly but on a sound. In a brief snatch of simple, almost binary music. It is when you hear the [Chiffchaff’s] pattern of twinned notes, lobbed down jauntily from the summit of the handsomest tree around, that you know spring has arrived
The Times

I shall be listening out for this!

And as one old wag used to say to me: “When the bed falls in, I’ll see you in the spring!”