Single file

I often wonder how ancient are these footpaths that traverse the arable fields and speculate on them being all that’s left of public rights of way after the 18th and 19th century Enclosure Acts stole so much from us peasants! ‘Use them or lose them’ is how best to describe their status and during these daily walks, I am finding plenty to use and to be fair, in my South Yorkshire locale they are well sign-posted and kept clearly visible.

Further reading:
A short history of Enclosure in Britain

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12 thoughts on “Single file

  1. a pathway through what seems barren to the promise of a future of forest, water, and life. I spent a brief time reading the article about enclosure…brought to mind the historical conflict between cattle and sheep ranchers, barb wire, and water rights… in Colorado it is against the law to collect rainfall as even the rain has been deemed “enclosed.”

    1. you have conjured some of my favourite films there – ‘Shane’ ‘Open Range’ & ‘Lonely are the brave’

      the notion that rainfall belongs to anyone is frankly appalling

  2. I really wish they were well sign-posted and kept clear here in Cornwall. Most around here are covered in brambles and nettles, or you climb a stile into a field and have no idea where the actual path is supposed to be (that is if you even dare climb into a field full of cattle).

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