Blossom on the Thorn

“Scraps of blackthorn blossom fleck my coat,
Another gust of hail, and down they float;
A fine spring this— the earth as cold as stone,
North-easterlies that cut you to the bone.

The primroses have withered, one by one,
The bluebells cower, praying for the sun…”

Felix Dennis

Some sunny Easter Sunday blackthorn blossom as I rambled with my Ricoh today -(and just noticed that the blossom seems to be decorating a cross or two!). With an incoming cold weather front, this poem is spot on

9 thoughts on “Blossom on the Thorn

  1. Such wonderful fluffy blossoms …on the thorn! A heavenly image! xoxo
    ps I just learned the difference between Blackthorn and Hawthorn! 😉

  2. I think the farmer cut the blackthorn back so harshly last autumn that they are still recovering! I usually have it flowering opposite my back garden, but not a sign of any yet! Cornish hedges are usually a riot of white at this time of the year. And that poem is not wrong!

    1. some of our field boundary blackthorns looking threadbare for the same reason but plenty of untouched ones and hence a wealth of blossom around still – and yes the cold is here!

  3. How fitting this poem is for our current April weather… Last week we were in shorts digging up deep-rooted weeds in the garden, and today we sat out there under the pergola with hot coffee while snowflakes came down like it was winter…

    1. snap! snowflake day today and last week so warm though I did not do shorts as we have a saying here -“cast not a clout till may is out” – ‘clout’ is Yorkshire for clothes and the reference to May is not the month but the may tree aka hawthorn (which follows the blackthorn in blooming)

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