Under the influence

I walk the lanes, straight-lined
collide with coloured, coupling
butterflies, merging wing-on-wing.
Blackthorns, decked in boozy blossom,
overspill and froth
where songbirds syncopate on high,
fever-flushed with Spring.

In this everyday exuberance,
communion’s hosted
minus the sweet red wine.

yet I’m still imbibing miracles.

Just 44 words for Linda's quadrille prompt: Wine
-  which also gave rise to some plant poetry that I'm now adding to my garden blog: Muscari

54 thoughts on “Under the influence

  1. I love this quadrille, Laura, especially those ‘blackthorns, decked in boozy blossom’ and the thought of ‘imbibing miracles’.

    1. the poem came to me on a walk as I was turning over your prompt in my mind – so thanks Linda and also for the challenge of finding a way to include the word!

  2. That first stanza especially made me feel tipsy on spring. I understand! I take walks throughout the year, but spring is really a sensory delight.

  3. Great communion with nature. I can fairly smell the sweet fragrance!

  4. This is lovely, but even more lovely is your garden blog which I have only just found, but sadly unable to comment on it. So you are on the move again shortly, to the lovely Derbyshire – which part? I wish you and all your potted plant a safe and happy transfer when the time comes.

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit the garden blog Jude – just realized comments switched off after 14 days on posts (and poem pages) so have now adjusted that
      – thanks for the good wishes. My big pots have gone over already and I still have plenty for company till then – Going probably after July not far from Matlock or Chesterfield

  5. Oh this a lush and potent write, full bodied and just delicious to read. I love the use of communion here and the ending is inspiring.

  6. A wonderful quadrille, Laura. I love these words
    “where songbirds syncopate on high,
    fever-flushed with Spring.”
    such vivid imagery and I can picture the songbirds high on spring! 🙂

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