The beachcomber

With little else to do on a beach far from the madding crowd, I am in my element. Every stone, shell, sea-weeded tideline offers up a vignette for the meditative eye.

Safe from the perils of the Atlantic, I am thankful to be shorebound with only the rhythmic sounds of surf and intermittent cry of gulls
The pools left behind take the form of sharks and rays

I never cease to admire the artistry and diversity of all these life forms (click for detailed view)

or the Zen of tidal deposits which I can never capture – without some artifice!

I’ll let the wind and wave do what they will with me;
And I will dwell unto the end with loveliness and joy;

And in a jewelled solitude I’ll mould my life anew,
And nestling close to Nature’s heart, I’ll learn at last . . . to live.

The Beachcomber ~ Robert William Service

7 thoughts on “The beachcomber

  1. Moments at the beach are -to me- the best meditation. One place I become a sponge, absorbing everything. Thank you for this wonderful journey. I was there too, absorbing the beauty! 😉😊🤗

  2. I must get back to the beach, I have neglected it these past months / too cold / wet / windy / far and it will be far too busy next week, but hopefully there will be time to squeeze a few beach walks in before the summer crowds. Beautiful Cornwall.

    1. “to the lonely sea and the sky…And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song” – Masefield no doubt did not mind the weather and being on holiday I was compelled to see the sea again even under these overcast skies.

      1. Being on holiday changes things, we’ve been away this week and walked in the rain, which I would never do at home!

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