O Poesy is on the wane

The title is from John Clare’s poem which speaks of regret for the changes that modernity was bringing to his landscape (and to his style of poetry). We photographers often look to the past too, amongst the decayed and derelict, that seem to be hanging on to their histories with a tenacious nobility.

True poesy is not in words,
But images that thoughts express,
By which the simplest hearts are stirred


photos: my favourite wreck on the Deben at high tide, Suffolk; lost property in a Yorkshire park; copper mine engine house and old tree, Bodmin, Cornwall; wartime building Orford Ness, Suffolk; recycled musical instruments art installation, Turner Contemporary, Kent; decayed branch Queenstown NZ: dead wasp in my garden; my favourite wreck on the Deben at low tide;

For her Lens Artists Photo Challenge Tina’s chosen theme is so evocative: “Seen Better Days”