Fixing my pixel fatigue (2)

Part 1 of this topic focused on elements that contribute to my photography ennui i.e. feeling bored as a photographer and hence in danger of doing boring photography which in turn bores the photographer!

In my local locale, most subject matter is quite ordinary. But am I after the extraordinary? Certainly not that produced technically by the right time and mood of day, right camera settings, the exact moment of shutter press for which some photographers wait eternally. Those photos belong in the luxurious coffee table photobooks or prints. Besides, I’m happiest as a snapper – and sometimes the timing is just right!

But I do try to delve beneath the surface image. And that too is the aim and methodology of the Slow Photography Movement

surface depths

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” ~ Ansel Adams

The crux of the matter is perfectly pinpointed by the Adams quote and really summarizes:-

  • what is the purpose of (your) photography?
  • what is the purpose of the photo itself?

Purpose may sound too onerous, too goal orientated, so perhaps direction is better employed. And in all my research on the subject, I found Justin Black’s article “Photographing with purpose” instructive:-

  • start with your passion; list those that appeal; understand why
  • keep a theme in mind, a project to document
  • who and what are any published images for

For now it is water that is helping me reflect, and even at the risk of monotony, I shall be sticking with this thematic for a while yet – and finding new ones too.

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