word jazz

It's raining again
weary and wintry
the garden sulks
a rose stiffens
blood thickens
cold hands wrap
a coffee cup

clocks strike home
the past parades
faces I've favoured
loves that floundered
tasteless tears
arguments won
and adrift again
under a fractious

Jazzing up Shay’s word garden list from Langston Hughes’ “The Dream Keeper

17 thoughts on “word jazz

  1. the continuum that is life.
    “arguments won
    and adrift again” — line that caught my attention: and only the moon saw. How lovely. May all your dreams be realized in the twelve months we call a year. Happy new one to you, dear Laura. I bless you.

  2. A mood and a setting well described, Laura. Thanks so much for being part of the word list today.

  3. It’s hard to write a mood piece like this and draw in the reader to recognize it, then lighten it up–or at least offer consolation– with the best effects of poetry–I especially like the feeling of a winter stillness drawing in on the drearily sleeping garden and bringing all the memories with it that we cover with activity and bustle otherwise. Fine writing.

  4. You draw me in with the familiarity of the first stanza. The second a person accounting of place in time and space. A very delicately drawn poem Laura.

  5. All the unquiet that grows when the garden or the weather is stubborn. I feel like reading this to all the plants lurking in the kitchen with an assurance that they’ll be out again soon.

  6. love your word jazz, felt the groove all the way thru… well done

  7. “the garden sulks” One line out the whole I love. Beautiful writing

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