Two takes on Thesaurus

the elocution lesson

No no, don't ever intone this poem
nor embellish it further with Thespian art
the title alone summons drama and bedlam.
announce it quite clearly and then make a start.
"Giant Thunder" by James Reeves*

Here's a tempestuous, thunderous titan
empty of belly, belligerent, bellicose
home to an uncooked dinner of bones.
Just imagine the terrible marital clamour
yell, wail, and roar in a hellish discord
so bellow with verve every - resonant - word.
That's right, keep all their dissension
in tension.

The hag-wife's rejoinder (though not written down)
is polar to honeyed, poetic and tonal
envisage a harridan, termagant, crone
give voice to her riding on rip-roaring gale
clouds running roughshod, a cowering moon
forests that flinch under whip of typhoon
crow, cackle, blabber heard above town
and gurgling gutters as torrents rush down.

Now pause there; let silence attend the storm's break
Lake shores overflowing, some creatures astir
the ogre he'll gorge on the one's that won't wake
- so utter one sob, just before closure.

Giant Thunder“, a poem I learned as a young schoolgirl for a speech and drama competition

the post-Thesaurian manuscript

Even before meanings ring
with an inkling, the first note
is resonance. Isn't that what poets
pursue? Perusing all the parallels
reaching for the Roget.

Wielding cumbersome lines
as newborns, we pare, decorticate
eviscerate the vocables. Occlusion,
plosion, our mouths like organ stops
singeing syllables till the meter
ticks and the lyrics begin to sing

now the poem is manuscript
black and white morphemes
of music decreeing melody
and songs with sometime rhymes

Celebrating Roget and National Thesaurus Day with my Poetics prompt “The Poet’s Store House” in which we compose a ‘sound poem’ and/or one with Thesaurus as subject. – I’ve opted for both. The first poem utilizes a select category of hearing words I chose from Hart’s “Thesaurus of the Senses” including bellow; clamour; rip-roaring; tempestuous; honeyed; poetic; tonal; blabber; cackle; embellish; intone. The prompt invites further expansion with synonym or antonym.