In photographs we can stop all this movement

Subtitled 'when a reflection resembles double exposure'! The clouds are captured within one chimney of the Tate Modern - once a power station that belched its own clouds of smoke and vapours. And looking for a title for this image, I took a line from Billy Collins poem "Student of Clouds" (I recommend a full read):-

“…High on the soft blue canvases of Constable
they are stuck in pigment but his clouds appear
to be moving still in the wind of his brush
inching out of England and the nineteenth century
and sailing over these meadows where I am walking…”

And by happy coincidence, Marina Kanavaki has flagged Constable in her June 11th birthday anniversary post with a wonderful tribute to him HERE. Well worth a visit!  

11 thoughts on “In photographs we can stop all this movement

  1. What an extraordinary shot, Laura… An artist photographer can do so much more than stop the movement. Speechless!
    ps thank you for the mention. That was indeed a happy coincidence!

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