Browsing my WordPress problem

Is it Tai chi with brooms, I wonder? This slow ‘human theatre’ at Tate Modern made no more sense to me than the current conundrum with WordPress. I am constantly logged out and hence have to sign in every time I want to comment on someone’s post or even write my own. At times I cannot even get to the sign in box because the instruction hovers over it.

I’ve cleared cache, cookies, done hard refresh, and all to no avail. Having just returned from a holiday break I figured WordPress has been up to more transmutations but it also occurred to me that the recent update of Firefox may have created an incompatibility. Sure enough when switching to another browser the problem does not exist.

I usually try and avoid anything Google related and though Chrome is faster, Firefox is more private and secure. Microsoft Edge works however, and this will have to do for now. Perhaps someone can offer a solution? I’m still hoping the next version of Firefox will solve it.