Browsing my WordPress problem

Is it Tai chi with brooms, I wonder? This slow ‘human theatre’ at Tate Modern made no more sense to me than the current conundrum with WordPress. I am constantly logged out and hence have to sign in every time I want to comment on someone’s post or even write my own. At times I cannot even get to the sign in box because the instruction hovers over it.

I’ve cleared cache, cookies, done hard refresh, and all to no avail. Having just returned from a holiday break I figured WordPress has been up to more transmutations but it also occurred to me that the recent update of Firefox may have created an incompatibility. Sure enough when switching to another browser the problem does not exist.

I usually try and avoid anything Google related and though Chrome is faster, Firefox is more private and secure. Microsoft Edge works however, and this will have to do for now. Perhaps someone can offer a solution? I’m still hoping the next version of Firefox will solve it.

13 thoughts on “Browsing my WordPress problem

  1. Same here!!!! Very annoying but eventhough I am logged in, I seem to be logged out in some cases [not everywhere!]. A glitch that I hope is fixed soon by the happiness engineers!

  2. I haven’t tried switching browsers, but I’ve had some difficulty commenting directly on some people’s blogs… However, when I comment on people’s blogs thru the WP Reader, it always works…

    1. I agree about the Reader and the same goes for the WordPress app but more often than not am working on my PC laptop and don’t have the app there

  3. You’re not alone. And I’m counting on the Happiness Engineers and their team of developers get this fixed for us pronto.
    Be well, Laura. Blessing you.

  4. WP finally admitted to me this week it wasn’t just my isolated problem. But Chrome doesn’t help me either, so I’m not sure it’s just Firefox. I’m on Chrome right now, still needing to log in again even to write a post. They say they’re “working on it”. (K)

  5. Same problem here, Laura, it started about a year ago. Had to change my Firefox settings to less restrictions, which is annoying, for it to work. However, if I click “like” another window still pops open to accept the like.
    For one particular blog I follow, my comments – even though logged into WP – show as anonymous, which infuriates me.
    The WP changes and updates in the past year are very annoying altogether and often take the joy out of both posting and reading/commenting.
    If you don’t know this one yet, is a wealth of info about all WP changes and how to handle them.

    1. I did a search and expected lots of recent comments on WordPress problems but nothing came up so I assumed it was idiosyncratic. Thank you for WPmaven link
      I do keep my Firefox settings highly restricted which probably adds to the problem but security is paramount though almost laughable on the WWW

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