Village diary

Good Friday I slept very badly
my imagination
a brief changing of gears
as if I had a fever - perhaps a pause
in the furnace of some desert wind

the devil whispered to me
I had passed the original
spawning ground but it is hard
to judge from much of our folklore
to give up ones urge to wander

the edge of the Atlantic
like the trembling wing 
of some drowsy bird
the uncertainty of Lily 
a prolonged adolescence, the dreamy 
look of young girls

For my MTB: Critique and Craft Prompt: “Patchworking some Prose” we are picking out short lines, from a single, chosen page of two book selections, to then combine as poetry in alternating lines. I’ve patchworked title and poem from Laurie Lee (italicised) “Village Christmas and Other stories” (p 33) with “The Diaries of Paul Klee” (p 51)

24 thoughts on “Village diary

  1. I enjoyedhe village diary that you’ve patchworked, Laura, and was especially delighted to see you’ve taken lines from Laurie Lee’s Village Christmas and Other stories. The first and final stanzas are lovely.

  2. This is deliciously dark and enticing, Laura! The second stanza stole the show .. for me! 💜💜💜

  3. Well, isn’t this interesting. Kinda threw me till I read your commentary. Haven’t done cento poems for quite a while. Think you got more “rules” than I did, once upon a time. Kind of a salad, if you allow. Odd (pardon) but your selection seems more narrow than my custom, while your integration is more expansive. Interesting to see how you worked this out for yourself.

    Curious. How did you feel from this process? Did you learn anything from the process? Pardom me being nosey. Nicely done.

    1. Stuck to the patchwork title as opposed to calling it a cento because it is prose not poetry based. I wanted to only ‘sew together’ just two writers in order that we can hear them both clearly but in some kind of duet. This was one of the most exciting projects to do – just amazed by how they conjoin, despite time, age, nationality differences and it illustrates that not only is language universal but that words are used, reused, reordered etc such that essentially we must all be plagiarists of a sort!

      1. Thank you Laura. I’m glad the process was productive and pleasing for you. Cento or patchwork, a rose by any name. Although me don’t think source as prose vs poems, really don’t matter either. Stubborn me thinks good prose IS poetry. So good, standing on your head, or not. 🙂

  4. Village life is a mixed bag for sure. The devil always seems to be lurking about in them. I’m glad you set it near the water.

  5. That first stanza resonated with me! 😄I really like the imagery of a drowsy bird with a trembling wing! You found some great lines! 👏👏

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