Octopus jamboree

octopus jamboree - enjambment poem - eight limbed pussy in limbo
dances at the shipwrecking seas
on-set of adventure by tiptoe
in the hold; to reccy the car
goings on of the lost
and foundering depart
meant for deliverance

Pearls for eyes* and tooth
some-rsaulting grin, a velvet prod
noses the in-betweens of star and port
beam of murky light; nemesis in braille for
pining the waste of want octopus counts
up its chainlink of token anchors
away in the straddled lair.

*nod to Arial as Shakespeare & Eliot

Venturing into enjambment @dversepoets whereby the end may-be the start of the next line or the word is hyphenated in-to two!

Autumn leaves me speechless

autumn leaves me speechless- polaroid poem

Just as classic paintings caught the public eye
pasted as sickly décor for gift box lids
Autumn is in danger of the cliché

like seasoned blackberry pickers, dead poets
have already had the choicest words to cherish
this most august off-summer spectacle

whilst lyricists in Oriental enigma code
condense with stricture of syllable
lunar patterns of lateral thought

yet who amongst us in not moved
to stop and stare, intoning vows
that fix the moment in a Faustian pact

we too have walked trance-like
through fiery forests and heard the ghostly touch
of each leaf fall before the mold set ins

stirred by mix of melancholy moments
a circling Samhain of climactic climate
that celebrates its ending in la petite mort

strong colours and fierce brushwork
more than sixty harvests reaped and gleaned
still Autumn leaves me speechless

© Laura Granby 2015

More free versifying this Sunday as I join the many talents stored up at  Poetry Pantry


seaweed garden - polaroid poemThere are gardens built on bedrock in the sea
weed-strewn by all accounts
I’ll never venture by volition
there beyond the depth of waist
sunk like a submarine

Gardens of rest sprout along the ocean floor
vertical voyagers stopped mid-passage
and old salts whitening their smiles
further afield, a sprinkling of barnacled silhouettes
ruins all akimbo like Gothic follies

A treasury dug deep into sea beds
downed by storm and waving wreckers
covetous consignments decked in metal of Midas
cyphered plans, captains’ logs and old world maps
a sea-grass tangle of centuries

Birds flap their fins and glide through the garden
in warm whirlpools raptors circle
carrion crews clean the current
shoals, wheel, turn and swoop in silver murmuration
for there is sky even in the shallows

On the tide lines a perpetual rise and fall of relics
those aiming too high for light of day
netted, scavenged and gasping for air

Some free versifying this Sunday as I join the many talents stored up at  Poetry Pantry